Meet Coral Springs Head of School Tracy Smith

Head of School Tracy Smith’s favorite part of her job is the connections she makes with students, faculty and families. Since joining Xceed Preparatory Academy during the pandemic, Smith has led and nurtured the Coral Springs campus through a holistic approach.

Smith has worked in education for almost 20 years as an administrator, academic coach, instructor and program manager in both public and private schools and industry organizations. She has found that school communities’ energy is interdependent. Therefore, when an environment is enthusiastic, encouraging and positive, it is contagious.

“We can create a learning environment for our students that promotes success by modeling the behaviors we desire,” Smith said. Having worked in both a virtual and in-person environment, she has witnessed how impactful connections and communication can be. “I model these concepts and methods daily surrounding students with exceptional staff and our staff with support,” she shared.

Unique to Smith’s campus are events like the weekly all-student meetings on Wednesday mornings and the monthly ‘Fun Friday’ activities the last Friday of the month for students on pace. These events go the extra mile to ensure students feel connected and valued.

“When students are enrolled on my campus, they are part of my extended family. I care deeply about them and their successes. My goal is to ensure all families feel cared for and safe,” Smith said.

The special dynamic at Xceed is what makes her most proud to work there. “Xceed truly allows each family to fit schooling into their needs instead of trying to run around fitting it all in and not getting enough of one thing.  With Xceed, families have the ability to get the most out of their education and their dreams,” she explained.

Learn more about Smith and the Xceed Preparatory Academy-Coral Springs campus here.